Monday, February 25, 2013

Slowly dying of heat

It's been a week since i wrote- a hot week, a week of mornings spent hiking up a hill to my classes and having to stop for a drinks break halfway up, a week of cleaning in the afternoons, and having the whole house smell of fabric softener (Graham says I use too much but as far as I'm concerned if the clothing is clean then it's good enough) and a week of incredible excitement.


Definitely the most exciting weekend i've had this year so far. Friday my mom and sisters arrived and we got takeaway burgers from Pashas, took them to the beach for a sunset dinner and then spent the rest of the evening feasting on my wonderful chocolate cupcakes. In the morning we went to get my wonderful sparkly mini cooper (that I have been waiting for for five years!) and it looks just like a marshmallow-beautiful! We took it up to petermaritzburg for its maiden voyage, we had a romantic lunch there and then raced back to go house shopping (we bought a dining room table, so we can finally have people over for a dinner that doesn't involve sitting on the floor). Seeing them was wonderful and it made me look forward so much to a months time when I can visit Cape Town again.


As for the cooking, last week was my first real cooking disaster. I tried to make one of my favorite dishes for Graham, stuffed jacket potatoes with bacon, and the potatoes just wouldn't cook and then I think I over-cooked them so that they were practically rubber. Graham came home and found me crying and then proceeded to insist that not only was my food edible but it was really nice, and he ate all of it. This week I am going to attempt roast chicken and vegetables. We might end up having 2 minute noodles.


 Off to bed- dreading the 6am wake up where I have to leave graham happily snuggled up in bed to go and fight people on the roads.