Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How my life is obsessed with cooking

Good morning- it's an absolutely amazing day outside [which incidentally means that it's going to be 40 degrees in the shade and i'm just going to have to live with the sweat running down my back] Wednesday is my sleep in day but this morning Graham's car wouldn't start and my urge to sleep left me somewhere in the middle of pushing the car out of the parking lot.


Last night I made the most wonderfully amazing meatballs with pasta. The meatballs were easy to make [I used my pestle & mortar for the first time!] and juicy and the pasta was buttery and delicious. It was serious comfort food. I have to, however, give all the credit to Jamie Oliver who came up with the recipe. Jamie, thanks to you my husband thinks that I can actually cook. BUT having said that, on Friday I made incredibly tasty breakfast burritos that were my own recipe. Yes, you could say that I am the cooking master. I haven't had a chance to bake yet but with valentines day being tomorrow I regard it as my moral imperative to bake at least one batch of cupcakes.


And Graham expects it too. For the last two years i've made him his favorite cupcakes on valentines day-this year i might try something new though. I'm all about trying the new things, this is a year of new things. I've decided, 2 new recipes every week. 
So this week: 
1. Jamies' meatballs and Pasta 
2. Amazing cupcakes made with best friend's decadent cupcake recipe 

Have a good day x