Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cold weather cravings

Happy Wednesday morning dear readers. It's poured for two days straight. Yesterday it was perfect weather for having lunch at a vintage tea shop with friends, getting my suede pumps thoroughly soaked running to the car, having a bath by candlelight, making pasta for dinner and watching a dvd in bed. But today, even though I have promised the husband I would start a gym contract and I have a million things to do, paintings to block-mount, pictures to develop and letters to write I cannot bring myself to get off the couch and out of my pajamas. I'm even too lazy to walk 10 steps in to the kitchen to make flapjacks (craving!).


As to dinner last night, the bacon carbonara worked out better than I had anticipated. Dicing bacon is surprisingly difficult and I have to figure out a way to make the sauce thicker (where on earth can I get double cream?) but Graham said it looked like something he expected to see in a magazine and then he three helpings. And I made pepperdews stuffed with cream cheese as a starter which was surprisingly good. I'm going to do a bit of baking later today though which will be wonderful.


Lastly for today (because I'm motivated enough now to at least have a shower) I want to thank you. All of you who read this blog, all of you who tell me that you're loving hearing how we're doing and that you wish I would write more often. I am actually writing this for you and so when you enjoy it I guess I'm doing a pretty good job. 
Oh and don't wait for me to post a link on Facebook or twitter (I don't always post the link on Facebook when I blog)- if you add and follow my blog you'll get automatic updates.  

Have a lovely wet (if you're in Durban) day x

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautiful weekend things

A long weekend turned into the first weekend of my holidays (due to hectic strike action- see strike rant in previous post). I'm not complaining, it's a million degrees outside (slight over-exaggeration) and my idea of perfection would be lying under a fan reading and only having to move to get food. Welcome to the next week of my life. 

It has been a beautiful weekend, baking on friday morning, a drive up to Petermaritzburg in the afternoon to spend time having dinner and playing board games 'till midnight with friends. A farmers market for pancakes in the morning (we LOVE farmers markets- R20 for 5 avos, yes please) and then a GWC reunion in hillcrest for lunch. The busyness of the day meant, however, that I felt nauseatingly tired for the whole of saturday night and slept 'till 11:30 this morning. 

[Some beautiful pictures I found this weekend] 
The nature of this weekend also means that I have a very tired husband (who decided to partay on his weekend off) who is cranky, especially when I wake him in the middle of the night to tell him to get his elbow out of my face -a few early nights are in order.


This week I'm looking forward to; spending time with bible-study group girls, finally make bacon carbonara pasta (that i've been wanting to make for two weeks now), to get through C.S Lewis's 'That Hideous Strength', to pack for Cape Town, to get my gift making on for my Best Friends wedding, to eat more easter eggs than I should be, to spend at least a few mindless hours in front of the television. It really is the little things that make ones' life happy.

[I'm so keen for some colder weather- recent weather in Durban makes it impossible to wear any clothing]

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A coffee shop post

An overcast tuesday. Blogging from a coffee shop after being chased off campus by some very enthusiastic strikers/students who have decided that getting a degree is not that important and if they can't get a degree then why should anyone else? It's frustrating to say the least. But on the positive side, it's given me time to mull over life while eating toasted sandwiches.


This weekend Graham and I went book/dvd/music shopping (Musica has a special on all classic animated movies at the moment- its made it difficult for me to walk into a store without coming out having added 2 or 3 dvd's to our collection).


Yesterday I bought a maid-of-honour dress for Nici's wedding! It's made it so much more real-and exciting! (I feel like they really do deserve to spend their lives together. And I'm so keen for them to experience what I have the privilege of going through every day with Graham.)
Yesterday (due to the terrifying strike at howard) I also went shopping for food stuff for dinner this week. I should probably be taught what a "clove" of garlic is- i've always thought that it was a whole garlic plant- and so when i worked out that for the whole of this week we needed 20 cloves of garlic I bought 20 garlic bulbs. Graham couldn't stop laughing when he figured out what I'd done.


In other exciting news, I'll be back in Cape Town next Sunday. It has been too long.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quick post before dinner


Argh, I hate not having time to post, I apologize for my lack of commitment to all of you who actually read my blog. This week has been the first 'busy' week (busy for a first year Lynsay who is trying to figure out how to cook and run a house). On the subject of cooking, last week I (and a food making helper) made the MOST wonderful chicken salad (thank you Jamie Oliver for existing) which suitably impressed Graham. THEN on monday night I made Jamie Oliver Burgers. Amazing. I am also amazing for being able to make them.


Even though I'm moaning about being busy, being busy does make the days fly by. I really look forward fridays, mostly because they are after Thursdays (hell day where I usually end up crying to Graham when he gets home) but also because there is a long delicious period of nothingness from the time that I get home until the time Graham gets back from youth. And I usually go people watching in that time. or bake. or have a meal out by myself (some of my favorite things to do)

Monday, March 4, 2013

The lucky ones

Happy monday night! I've really missed blogging this week but life has been pretty hectic. Biggest thing that happened: I made The Knead cookbook's divine roast chicken and roast veggies. Not a huge achievement for most people- enough for me to spend a week telling everyone I know about it. Also this week; I spoke to one of my most favorite people on Skype after having not seen her for 2 months, I bought a new duvet, I braved the woolies sale (and hundreds of Indian women ramming each other with trolleys full of clothing) and I watched a rugby game at the shark tank (which was surprisingly not at all like it is on television).



I've put Lana del Rey's CD on permanently in my little car-which drives Graham insane- and so I know practically all the words to every song and am even more convinced that she is a genius. Or at the very least one of the most beautiful singers I have ever heard. 

Let's get out of this town, baby we're on fire 
Everyone around here seems to be going down, down, down 
If you stick with me, I can take you higher, and higher 
It feels like all of our friends are lost 
Nobody's found, found I got so scared, 
I thought no one could save me 
You came along, scooped me up like a baby 

Every now and then, the stars align 
Boy and girl meet by the great design 
Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones? 

Everybody told me love was blind 
Then I saw your face and you blew my mind 
Finally, you and me are the lucky ones this time