Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A coffee shop post

An overcast tuesday. Blogging from a coffee shop after being chased off campus by some very enthusiastic strikers/students who have decided that getting a degree is not that important and if they can't get a degree then why should anyone else? It's frustrating to say the least. But on the positive side, it's given me time to mull over life while eating toasted sandwiches.


This weekend Graham and I went book/dvd/music shopping (Musica has a special on all classic animated movies at the moment- its made it difficult for me to walk into a store without coming out having added 2 or 3 dvd's to our collection).


Yesterday I bought a maid-of-honour dress for Nici's wedding! It's made it so much more real-and exciting! (I feel like they really do deserve to spend their lives together. And I'm so keen for them to experience what I have the privilege of going through every day with Graham.)
Yesterday (due to the terrifying strike at howard) I also went shopping for food stuff for dinner this week. I should probably be taught what a "clove" of garlic is- i've always thought that it was a whole garlic plant- and so when i worked out that for the whole of this week we needed 20 cloves of garlic I bought 20 garlic bulbs. Graham couldn't stop laughing when he figured out what I'd done.


In other exciting news, I'll be back in Cape Town next Sunday. It has been too long.