Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautiful weekend things

A long weekend turned into the first weekend of my holidays (due to hectic strike action- see strike rant in previous post). I'm not complaining, it's a million degrees outside (slight over-exaggeration) and my idea of perfection would be lying under a fan reading and only having to move to get food. Welcome to the next week of my life. 

It has been a beautiful weekend, baking on friday morning, a drive up to Petermaritzburg in the afternoon to spend time having dinner and playing board games 'till midnight with friends. A farmers market for pancakes in the morning (we LOVE farmers markets- R20 for 5 avos, yes please) and then a GWC reunion in hillcrest for lunch. The busyness of the day meant, however, that I felt nauseatingly tired for the whole of saturday night and slept 'till 11:30 this morning. 

[Some beautiful pictures I found this weekend] 
The nature of this weekend also means that I have a very tired husband (who decided to partay on his weekend off) who is cranky, especially when I wake him in the middle of the night to tell him to get his elbow out of my face -a few early nights are in order.


This week I'm looking forward to; spending time with bible-study group girls, finally make bacon carbonara pasta (that i've been wanting to make for two weeks now), to get through C.S Lewis's 'That Hideous Strength', to pack for Cape Town, to get my gift making on for my Best Friends wedding, to eat more easter eggs than I should be, to spend at least a few mindless hours in front of the television. It really is the little things that make ones' life happy.

[I'm so keen for some colder weather- recent weather in Durban makes it impossible to wear any clothing]