Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quick post before dinner


Argh, I hate not having time to post, I apologize for my lack of commitment to all of you who actually read my blog. This week has been the first 'busy' week (busy for a first year Lynsay who is trying to figure out how to cook and run a house). On the subject of cooking, last week I (and a food making helper) made the MOST wonderful chicken salad (thank you Jamie Oliver for existing) which suitably impressed Graham. THEN on monday night I made Jamie Oliver Burgers. Amazing. I am also amazing for being able to make them.


Even though I'm moaning about being busy, being busy does make the days fly by. I really look forward fridays, mostly because they are after Thursdays (hell day where I usually end up crying to Graham when he gets home) but also because there is a long delicious period of nothingness from the time that I get home until the time Graham gets back from youth. And I usually go people watching in that time. or bake. or have a meal out by myself (some of my favorite things to do)