Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Write-a-note-day

Valentines Day and I feel like I'm floating on a cloud. This morning Graham woke up to a handwritten note and a beautiful bottle of wine, I woke up to tea and a heart-shaped card (and the promise of 'something else'). Still have to do the cupcakes.


Valentines Day can tend to be very commercial and trashy (eek, but really it can) I think, however, that if you put effort and thought into something you can make the day more special and less gaudy. And for all of you out there saying that you don't need a day to show someone how much you love them because you can do it anytime, do you? Do you do it anytime? Probably not. Suck it up and write him/her a note. People love notes.


This morning over tea and rusks Graham and I talked about past valentines days and what made them stand out and decided that people (us included) should make more of an effort to celebrate friendship as well as romantic love. The Valentines Days that I have enjoyed the most were ones where friends brought me heart-shaped muffins just because, or have written me letters telling me how much our friendship means to them, or have made cake to share (in addition to graham taking me on lovely picnics). 
So today I challenge you, make the day special for someone besides the Love of your life.


Have a magical one 
[oh and If you want to see wedding photos go to the link on my Facebook wall!]