Friday, February 1, 2013

Please do come over for dinner

Dear everyone, I would like to happily announce that no longer do I have spend my time on gumtree, or trawling around damp-infested flats, or traveling in-between houses to get shoes/clothing/underwear because we have a HOUSE. Well a flat, in the shape of a house. A place where we can put up our own paintings, unpack all our wedding gifts, unpack all our boxes.

The feeling is indescribable. I also feel incredibly grateful to the people who have housed us for the past two months (yes! we have been married for two months today) The Hovils, my parents, grahams mom and Chris and Linda, I have no idea where we would have been without your generosity. And now we can reciprocate- yes!

[But since Graham is out tonight I think i'm going to take myself out to the movies on a date] x