Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An overwhelmed Lynsay

Move into new house on saturday,the hottest day of the year so far, spend day and night cleaning, clean the next morning, panic because university begins tomorrow, clean, panic because university begins today, eat half the bowl of cereal-leave the rest to go soggy and stick to the sides of the bowl, follow graham to university, get lost, sweat, have latin lecture, spend time in library, drink coke, fill out a form, make the terrifying drive back home, be terrified, lie on the tiles in the living room, clean, kiss graham as he rushes out to the beach, make dinner, eat, clean, latin homework, bed.

This is my life. Although today I didn't have the safety blanket of Graham to help me drive to University. But I made it- and in the process I learnt that my memory is better than I thought and that I can do this- even though it feels unnatural and awkward. I also learnt, along with other english 101 students, that this place is really bad at admin. In my search for the english tutorial room I bonded with other frightened, lost first years and then went traipsing around until we were told that the seminar was off. Lame.

[This is what I wish I had eaten for breakfast] Which I could never have, obviously, because I get up at 6am and no human is functional enough to make something like this at 6am. I did however make a smaller bowl of cereal. 

So from feeling pretty rubbish about life yesterday and early this morning I now feel like I can actually do this study at UKZN thing.