Sunday, June 27, 2010

memories of Bavaria

today i:
1. woke up very early
2. went to church
3. went to the waterfront
4. met 2 scandanavian men and had the full awesomeness of their
height unleashed upon her 1.53m-ness
5. had a german hot dog, which
incidentally reminded me of Germany
6. was happy in the sunshine
[today this superamazing German team is going to eat England in soccer -
this said in the nicest possible way, gosh i am english, but Germany will beat them]

i have, of late, developed a huge crush on this shoe collection

and this outfit. I wasnt really too excited about them in the beginning but as i come back and stare at these pictures everyday... well now i sound sad dont i?

hmmmmm i hope you have a wonderfully sleepy sunday :)

love always
p.s nix the new blog is cute

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