Saturday, April 27, 2013

Durban Report #1

Happy saturday evening. Since I last wrote graham and I went and came back from Cape Town- the most amazing whirlwind of a weekend seeing people from the old college, having breakfasts out, lunches out, seeing Michael McIntyre which was phenomenal, doing nothing with my family, rushing around buying my best friend secret presents, seeing friends with new babies, going to our home church, a tea sponsored by woolworths, sleeping in my white french bed and an early early morning flight to come back home.


I have also conquered the lasagna, which I made on tuesday night. Graham said it was good for a first try. It better have been, it took me 3 hours to make it. I also learnt a valuable cooking lesson in the process; if it's coming out of Jamie Oliver's book then he knows how best to do it so one (that is, Lynsay) should not err from the recipe, otherwise bad things happen.


Both of us have had a bit of a crud week with lots of work, early mornings and late nights (so if you feel like posting us some comfort chocolate it would make us feel a little better) the type of week that needs to end with retail therapy, and it did. And now the balance of the universe has been restored.


We had the most wonderful morning. A delicious fry up breakfast (according to Jamie Oliver's 'one pan breakfast' which made for less washing up) while listening to Grahams 'Lord of the Rings' soundtracks, surprisingly perfect music for a late breakfast in the sunshine. And not to boast about how amazing my interior decorating skills are but our house does look like something off of a pinterest board. Mostly due to our amazing table and the carafes with babies breath dotted around the living area.


Then we spent 2 and 1/2 hours on the beach (an hour in Graham time) and I came back thoroughly exfoliated and looking like a lightly roasted lobster. Tonight Graham and I have date night, hopefully it will be in a freezer somewhere.

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