Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And my life is sweet like vanilla is

Would you like some beautiful pictures? Of course you would (to make up for my long silence). It is now well into autumn and i've decided (it being my first autumn in durban and all) that I MUCH prefer distinct seasons and therefore I am insanely jealous of people experiencing and chilly and rainy autumn in Cape Town. Although, waking up to rain and a cup of tea this morning was pretty wonderful. 


The most asked question I got when I visited Cape Town this week was: how is marriage going? A perfectly normal question but every time I had to answer it I had no idea what to say because the actual answer is something like this: marriage is not in the least what I expected, I figured it might be nice because I would have my best friend with me for most of the time but I didn't expect it to be fun. So in that sense marriage is great, we are having a grand time setting up our lives. Sometimes marriage is frustrating because I don't get to see graham as much as I used to or because he drives me insane and then I have to sleep in the same bed as him. Sometimes marriage is surreal, yesterday when we were having tea I looked across at him and thought to myself, "how on earth did I end up dating and now married to this amazing man? How did that happen?" and apparently Graham has the same thoughts. Sometimes marriage is challenging, I didn't realize how much of myself I would have to put into marriage and Graham. Mostly though marriage has turned out to be one of the best adventures of my life. [and I complain about having to clean the house but this afternoon I woke up to graham doing the dishes and just now he put our duvet cover on our duvet after my failed attempt, team work].

In other news, I LOVED going back to cape town and seeing people I haven't in months (!) spending time with my family, going to movies and markets (there really aren't many here in Durban) and buying things for our house. It was also pretty strange being back- without Graham as he was such a huge part of my life for the last 2 years in cape town. Everywhere I drove or went with people I'd been sometime with him only he wasn't there this time and it made the city (or at least our little part of it) feel empty.


When I spent time with my family we did a few things that we hadn't done for years- which was special- and which created the strange situation of my past and present meeting, very nostalgic.


The exciting thing is-for everyone who missed me- that Graham and I will be in cape town for next weekend to see Michael McIntyre (much excitement) and we would love to see as many people as we can and we don't mind going to tea over and over -we don't have tribeca here in Durban and want to make the most of it.


Have a wonderful day x

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  1. Your picture collections are beautiful! Why not start a photo blog? Have a nice day! :)