Sunday, May 12, 2013

cold feet but a warm bed

A very over-due post written by a very cold and tired Lynsay. This week will be half-way through May. Which might be the reason I haven't written- mid terms are coming up in 3 weeks and lecturers are panic giving us last minute 1000 word assignments. Also on my list of things that annoy me this month is that I was led to believe that Durban in winter is wonderful and sparkly and you can spend your holidays suntanning on the beach. Lies. I've slept with socks on for the last week and even Graham doesn't complain when I bring out our enormous sheep-skin blanket to cover the duvet with. It may be time to invest in a heater. 


This weekend we went on a mini road trip to just outside Petermaritzburg to have lunch with some college friends. It poured with rain and we sat in a badly insulated room on plastic garden chairs eating average food but the most spectacular chips. So for all of you who are traveling through Assegai and develop a craving for slap chips, stop in at the Pot and Kettle, ignore everything else on the menu (their coffee machine probably won't be working anyway) and have the chips. 
One of my absolute favorite things to do with Graham is to drive longs distances together. He usually chooses the music (this time it was Simon and Garfunkel) and I bring the snacks (jelly babies) and we dance and we talk and we shout at other drivers and it is simply lovely.


We then rushed back to get ready for a 21st party- which was outside so by the end of the evening I couldn't feel my feet, fingers or most of my face. The cake was good though, nothing quite beats a traditional vanilla sponge. And I don't think I have ever been so thankful for my bed and Grahams talent of sometimes functioning like a heater.


And then mothers day. My first without my mama. Almost every year for the last 5 years we've "surprise" taken her to a beautiful French bistro for the most expensive food you will ever have in your life. But today all I could give her was a phone call. It felt a bit weird. Not being able to join in with all the other people taking their mothers to dodgy cliched restaurants or making her breakfast in bed (successfully done two years in a row, only with the aid of Graham though) or racing out to buy her the last bunch of pink roses at woolworths. It sucked more than a little bit.


So Graham and I (mostly me) made baguettes for lunch and I did Latin wrapped in our sheepskin while eating chocolate spread for dessert. I'm now trying to decide what to make for a family dinner tomorrow night, something warm? I'm not sure if I'm ready to attempt lasagna again. or cutting onions (does anyone know how to cut onions without going blind? because every time I cut them I have to wear sunglasses. Graham says I look like a drug addict when I do and drug addict is not a good look on me). No onions. No Pasta. chicken perhaps? Maybe it will come to my in my dreams 
sleep tight xx


  1. DUDE :)
    i love ur blog like Lots, likecalmost too much :) awkies !!
    So bro when ur cutting onions, no jokes, stick out ur toungue! It works! Ull feel like a freak but ur tounge somwhow absorbs the death that normally would go into ur eyes !!

  2. Hey Lynsay.!!
    What ur doing in the bush there? Looks like the parties are a bit rough there hey and the bathrooms are all full... LOL. My mom always told me to cut onions over a bowl of water. Haven't tried it yet but she says it works. I think you should cut a onion every day for a week and just man up and get use to it.. hehe