Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Bachelorette

Everything is over! well almost everything- my exams are done and i'm graduating (yes, getting a degree!) on thursday. Time is marching on, tonight is our annual GWC social where all the students dress up and have dinner together, my grandfather (the first of our wedding guests) arrived this afternoon and last night was my bachelorette! It was wonderful and magical. My maid of honor, bridesmaids and friends put so much effort into bringing food for the tea, games for the evening, notes written in a special book and just being there for a night that was essentially all about me. [Here are some photos, taken by vicky-the-amazing-photographer].

Frank, the most adorable dog in the world

Do I look excited? It's probably because in 11 days I get to marry Graham! (slightly nervous tone)

My underwear washing line

It really was spectacular, a night of sweet things, hot chocolate, mustaches, running around the pool in underwear, prank phone calls, toilet paper wedding gowns, laughter, lemons, flowers,candles, good food, love, fairy lights, flour, ballet dancing and beautiful music- Thank you to everyone who put their time and effort and happiness into the night.