Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How not to worry about the future

It's an amazing day outside and iv'e spent a fair amount of it inside- at gym, packing my stuff up in boxes, driving around and now trying to study for an exam which is pretty near impossible with Graham playing Diablo 3 next to me.

The  wedding day is creeping closer and it makes me wish that I could start at the beginning of the year again, at a time when I didn't have to worry about our finances, or where we are going to live, the terror of moving to a city that I know nothing about or whether or not I'll suck at running a household. 

And around about half way through my worry/pity Lynsay session I'll remember that I'm marrying graham because I love him and I've entrusted my life and my future to God, who very obviously wants Graham and I in Durban. This year has been the most wonderful year of seeing God at work in answering our prayers and guiding us to where He wants us to be next year. There were so many factors in us not wanting to move to Durban at the end of the year but He has fixed the biggest problems and given graham a job! and me place at university and done things that we couldn't have thought possible- all glory to him. And knowing this makes me feel much better about everything, that no matter how rubbish I am at running a household He will be there looking after us. 

Her: You made my day so special today- thank you 
Him: You make all my days special just by being in them, if you're not in a day then it isn't special.