Friday, November 2, 2012

a 21st birthday list

Yay it's that time of the year where I get to bore you with things that I want for my birthday. Considering that a week before the 25th November is my bachelorette and a week after my birthday is my kitchen tea I will not be in need of any dodgy underwear or kitchen utensils. 
1. vanilla candles [I'm serious, every year I ask for these and every year I get none] 
2. vanilla fudge from Woolies [Ditto] 
3. Lana del Rey's CD 
4. Stardust DVD 
5. The Knead Eat cookbook 
6. Nail polish [in dark/neutral/pastel colors] 
7. A 2013 Moleskine diary 
8. Leather sandals 
9. A potplant [preferably one that comes with flowers] 
10. A collection of E.E.Cummings' poetry 
11. Birdy's CD 
12. To have my Italian posters block-mounted 
13. Amazing smelling body lotion- if it doesn't smell amazing then I don't want it 
14. A simple, pretty wallet 
15. cashews or pistachios 
 16. yellow roses 
17. A love letter 
18. Words to hang on my walls 
19. A card writing set (yes- I do actually use these) 
20. A chalkboard 
21. kisses. or vanilla candles