Sunday, March 4, 2012

autumn. finally.

Autumn! my favourite time of the year, especially in cape town. Iv'e been waiting and waiting for the appropriate time to haul out my winter boots, stockings, woollen beanies and leather gloves and wear them paired with my new beautiful dark plum coloured lipstick. I love autumn for its cold mornings and clear days, the yellow leaves, the increase of tea drinking, the rain.
In other news, my college has been giving away really old-looking books and I've managed to collect 3 full boxes of them for decor [is it bad to want books just to display them?] anyway, im sure they will add to the autumn feeling. lastnight G and I went to a wedding on a wine estate in Stellenbosch. goodness it was beautiful, & now we're supposed to be having tea with a few of the other guests. oh heck, I must run or I'm going to be late!

peace out

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