Monday, March 12, 2012

shiny pretty things

If youre reading this at 3:30pm you'll be glad to know that monday is almost over.

(cue moaning)I feel as if I haven't had a weekend for the past two weeks and despite the happiness I felt that March has arrived the weather hasn't obligingly cooled down enough for me to wear my new ankle boots-what the heck is going on here? Everything may be compounded by the fact that I have way too much work and am frequently having to wake up at 4am to just get through the next day. [despite the moaning she really does feel very happy at the moment]

its 10days until G leaves for durban again [she puts on her nervous face]I hate him leaving but I love knowing that he's going to come back-and usually that feeling is bigger than the sadness- On saturday we had my sisters 18th birthday at our house (we're still finding glitter everywhere) and as a result we have a surplus of leftover food. this actually just means that i'm going to get

[wedding blog trawling makes mondays bearable]

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