Sunday, March 25, 2012

beautiful things

happy sunday. Another dreamy un-productive day. [I watched the latest pirates of the caribbean last night and my goodness that syrena mermaid is beautiful- here she is, minus the fish tail]

I have begun reading Forsters' A Passage to India and I found this beautiful quote [you should take the time to read and marvel in it]

"The sky too has its changes, but they are less marked than those of the vegitation and the river. Clouds map it up at times, but it is normally a dome of blending tints, and the main tint blue. By day the blue will pale down into white where it touches the white of the land, after sunset it has a new circumference-orange, melting upwards into tenderest purple. But that core of the blue persists, and so it is by night. Then the stars hang like lamps from the immense vault. The distance between the earth and them is as nothing to the distance behind them; and that further distance, though beyond colour, last freed itself from blue."

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