Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wednesday ramblings

Happy day-after-valentines-day. I hope you're all still basking in the sunshine and happiness of yesterday. Mine was, happily, simple. G wrote me a love letter and I made dinner -picnic style- and cookie dough icecream. As you can see, valentines day makes my inner culinary goddess run rampant [sarcasm] at any rate, I am thankful for valentines day because for days afterward we have lindt chocolate lying around the house. As if it was normal.

Tonight is exciting. I have been waiting for tonight since last year. G got us tickets to see Shakespeares' A comedy of errors at Maynardville. I love watching his plays there & i've done it ever since I was 13. It's magical and really the only way for Shakespeare to be done (although it usually rains). [a lovely thing to do]:

I hope your wednesday has been as dreamy and relaxed as mine. 2 productive days per week are quite enough for me. x

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