Monday, July 11, 2011

a whole bunch of catch-up

Hi. its monday. and I'm back. Back from Durban. Exciting times. the 3weeks there were filled with; Indian cuisine [too much curry], tears,new cultures, boredom, walking barefoot through the streets, incense, cheap clothes, sadness, being ridiculously sick, brickbreaker [to pass the time], long phone calls, hindu temples, saris, hospitality, corenza c & grippon, wishing the hours away, beautiful sunsets & nervousness.

[a wishlist]

Then came the next 10-meet-the-family-and-friends-days which can only be described as nerve-wracking. It was also surprisingly lovely, filled with new faces, millions of names, wooden passages & fat cats, tea in the mornings, amazing weather, new places, old faces, strange accents, antibiotics, arguments, the beach, laughter, annoyance, happiness[...]

[happy cupcake monday]

[...] warm welcomes, introductions, kisses, sleeping,good movies & average movies, finding important things, shopping, icecream with marshmallows in it (ah! yes! i know)puppies & kittens, peanutbutter and syrup toast, bee juice, The Durban July, winning, late night suppers, the best sunday, sunshine & my alice dress, music, markets on the beach, a pink dress, meeting terrifying people, toasted sandwiches, caramel coated icecream, important night time talks, whose line is it anyway?, the future, sushi (heckyes i had sushi),

new books, subway for lunch, you made me breakfast, ccu, important people, steers burgers& green juice, goodbyes, tears, back rubs, notes, avo on tost, surprise notes, iloveyous,and jelly babies.

it was an amazing 3weeks. and I cant wait to go back [come quickly october]

"Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind." Henry James

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