Monday, June 13, 2011

who watches the watchmen?

Stay with me to guide this dream
before they bury me.
I'll be waiting up all night for you
in a nightmare that was made for me.

it's cupcake monday and i'm not going to post pictures of cupcakes. Instead this post is for pix [just because I miss you] the quote underneath reminds me of you- maybe its because this is what we have done together [&what i want to spend more time doing with you]

In the dark they watched us from here beyond the grave.
To bare the mark of His work are the Watchmen of our ways.
That which we feel untrue, if it's me then it isn't you.

[a birthday picture] Je t'aime & Te amo

in other news: its less than a week until I leave for Durban [researches 'simple and painless ways to break your leg'] also, today i watched the watchmen. Goodness, you're going to have to ask G what I thought of it- although I do agree that the soundtrack was amazing.[kidding]

What you thought once was yours is ours now.

goodnight. sleep tight x

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