Friday, June 10, 2011

a winters tale

Friday morning - i love study days; you get to wake up late, mill around, make lovely breakfasts,go for a run, watch all the movies you have saved on pvr, read. Anything but study
[some pretty friday pictures]

In two weeks time its ministry week again-this year I'm going to Durban- I'm super excited about it. But the week following that, oh heck no [takes several deep breaths]

[is distracted by the weather] today is one of those winter days where, from inside, it looks like summer outside but the moment you go outside your face goes numb from the cold.

listening to: adele [a new obsession]
eating: my third orange this morning
painting: my nails dark red, sitting in the sunshine
feeling: happy [im seeing G later and really,
to see this much sunshine in winter in capetown would make anyone happy]

peace out x

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