Thursday, July 28, 2011

cold weather musings

Dear thursday: why have you come so soon? Its raining and miserable [the best kind of weather] and I therefore do not feel guilty about eating half the nutella, or drinking 3cups of tea in 2hours. Yesterday G and I went to watch the Hangover2. heck, in the future I will stay away from all movies involving Asian strip club scenes. [reflects] we have actually watched so many movies this week. On Monday we watched Fight Club which was really brilliant but had way too much blood in. [wishes she could watch tangled now but know that there are a million m&m biscuits in the kitchen waiting to be baked]

As a side note, I've pretty much made it in life-today J used me as an example in his sermon, well he used my "fairy hair that glows golden in the sunlight" in his sermon but whatever I felt pretty special :)

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