Sunday, October 21, 2012

Save the date

You've missed out on so much! Here are a few of our save the date photos taken by R (assisted by N) none of them made it into the actual save the date invites- there were just so many lovely photos to choose from! Just looking at them makes me smile.
You also missed out on the proposal, so here is the story: She knew that it was coming, he was going home that weekend and every day was passed in agonizing anticipation. Friday came- her best friends birthday, it rained all day and she spent most of the morning and afternoon in doors finishing an assignment. They had lunch together and then he left her to sleep for a while before they went out that evening. She woke up to him banging on the door, she was angry that he had woken her and stormed downstairs, wrenched the door open and told him to make some tea, then she made a fire and sat down next to it. He mumbled that he had forgotten his cellphone in the car and went outside again. He came back with a bag from which he pulled a bunch of red roses, chocolate spread, strawberries, and a bottle of appetizer. It took her a while to realize what was going on and by the time she had realized he was already on his knee in front of her with a permanent marker in his hand. He carefully drew a ring around her finger and then looked into her eyes "will you marry me Lynsay?" so many tears followed, only remedied by a picnic of strawberries and chocolate next to the fire (just like our first picnic).
If you so want to read about what's happened to me in the past few months you can read my best friends blog here: and here: