Thursday, October 25, 2012

A rushed thursday post

Good-morning lovelies, another stunning morning for Cape Town- in fact this whole week has been glorious (even though Graham complains constantly about the wind)- I'm almost at the end of my second last week before exams, so much work, often I don't even realize that its spring and everything is beautiful.

This week Graham and I had our final marriage counseling session (will post some of what we've covered later) mostly because all Graham wants to do is play Settlers of Catan and has peer pressured everyone into playing it for next weeks marriage counseling session. I cannot explain how awesome marriage counseling has been- and I was one of those people who could not see the point in discussing hypothetical situations on a couch with another couple when I would probably forget all that was said by the next morning- I've been reformed. clearly. On Tuesday before we went out, I chanced to find this article:
It's really insightful and makes good points.

In other exciting news today my bridesmaids and I are going for our hair trial for the wedding (which is in 37 days!) and then Graham and I have date night- our name for thursday night, the one night of the week that we will put everything else off so that we can spend time together. We usually go to TriBeCa for their burger deal, or for sushi at Food lovers market or to my most favorite eating place in the whole of cape town and where we are going tonight, Hudsons. Mmmh Yes!

[And now to get back to finishing a sermon for tomorrow- if anyone figures out the reason for the riddle in Judges 14 do tell] x