Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here in your arms

Surprise! I'm sure you never thought you'd hear from me again. Well, after taking a sabbatical from blogging to try and deal with life i've realized that I should probably blog about the hectic things that are happening in life- rather than spending time trying to sort said things out (end of apology/explanation). In other news, it has been the longest week of my entire life. This time last week I was still adjusting to South African soil after being torn from lovely Italy, to come back here and do assignments.

[If anyone was wondering- I detest this new blogger layout, I have to figure out how to make my pictures big again... I don't even know how I did it the first time]

Its almost the end of October! This painfully means that it's 2 weeks until my final exams (for the end of my degree!) and one month until I marry G. It's all a bit unbelievable sometimes. The weeks have been so filled with getting things ready for the wedding, booking venues, caterers, photographers, decor coordinators, finding all the information needed to send out invitations, getting a dress (which is amazing!), doing marriage counseling [and then studying and planning next year on top of all of that] that when I sit back for a while I'm shocked at how fast everything has moved.

[fantastic- more tiny little pictures] 
This evening I listened to a song that I haven't heard in 4 or so years and listening to it brought back all the memories from high school, here is the chorus: 
Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me. 
Whispers "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly." 
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly. 
Now there's no place else I could be but here in your arms. 

 Its good to be back x