Sunday, January 22, 2012

this week in pictures

its late at night. its so hot i can barely breathe and the music thats blasting from my ipod makes me want to get up and dance the salsa [i dont even know how to dance the salsa!] what better time to post my week in pictures? having G back with me has seen my daily tea intake increase quite drastically-

and it was back to school this week. this however has had little effect on my life, ive still been reading tolstoy 'till 2am and suntanning in the garden in the afternoons. [my mom has gone nuts for iced tea and makes 2 pitchers of it every day... no one drink it so i'm not sure where it goes...]

the days have mostly just been made up of lazy sunny daydreaming times [which is a welcome change from the hellish nightmare week that was the week before]
[listening to: 'wanted to write a love song' by the cat empire]

We got acquainted on a warm summer's night top floor of your apartment was where we started clicking for the first time. And our future it was so bright. I was there to be your melody and under the impression that you would be my harmony.

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