Wednesday, January 25, 2012


ive been having bad dreams again. But this time he is here to sit with me until i fall asleep again. Everything feels so strange- and two weeks ago feels like it was part of another life. Ive been listening to a cd he gave me for christmas, my favourite song is called The Blue sweater [i apologise for my pathetic state. as I said everything feels rather strange at the moment. things that were so obvious and certain have become unclear and im not too sure how to move forward from this point] things that make me feel calmer: roses (yes i am the girl who stands in the rose section at the nursery for 2 hours) and stretching- its remarkably effective.

I'll play the sweet sound of your voice inside my head
Like a record
And I'll smell the wonderful scent, oh, you captured within
Your blue sweater
I wish everytime you came into my mind I could
Write you a letter
Words can't contain what I feel so for now, I'll just wait 'til
We're together

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