Friday, December 2, 2011

pastel thoughts

advent calendar time is upon us! I dont know why we dont have advent calendars all year round-it would make counting down to big events even more exciting. In the weeks leading up to christmas family life undergoes significant changes; it becomes acceptable to be found eating all the christmas biscuits that were only baked the day before, it is normal to have had at least 2 mince pies before breakfast and any tensions that may exist in the family can be easily soothed by playing traditional christmas carols. And with the addition of hot weather, it is easily the most wonderful time of the year

Today my head is filled with pastel coloured daydreams (not yet bright sparkly red and green christmas daydreams with flashing lights) this is mostly due to the skirt J made me, and my nailpolish, and the haziness outside, and tea, and innocent happiness that seems to have infiltrated my consciousness

an aside: i am in love with the new florence and the machine album. lalalala

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