Wednesday, December 7, 2011

not blogging about him

I've refrained from blogging because everything I want to say is about him-and that would be boring for you to read right?- (continues anyway) he left everything here, his car, his clothes, his guitar. Sometimes I forget that he's gone and come home thinking that he's waiting for me inside. Those are sad days. [When you spend everyday with someone, its hard to know how to function properly when they're gone.]

It's 3 days (i counted that on my fingers) 'till camp. I want to be excited about it but i'm too worried to look forward to a week away from home. I am, however, looking forward to seeing people I haven't seen in forever-people I love. Everything has been a bit mixed up lately, there have been too many strong emotions in my brain and now i think its a bit tired.

[today-one year]today is special because we've been going out for 10months. this is an achievement for me (everyday is an achievement for me)

2days ago I finished the inheritance series. I'm not sure if i can recommend it-some parts were good, but mostly it just reminded me of lord of the rings and how much better lord of the rings is. (can you wish some lovely weather on capetown?)

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