Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wednesday musings

In trying to find a useful topic for todays blog post, i searched google. I didnt find one, i did however find out how to: make my own bomb, grow weed, become anorexic, make the perfect steak, concieve twins etc. The internet has become our source of all knowledge and im not too sure if this is a good thing. BUT todays post is about something more important than the knowledge of humankind. Its especially important on a day like today, when its rainy and cold and you wish the world would disappear and leave you alone with your bed...

How to: Brew the perfect cup of tea

•Fill the kettle with fresh, cold water. In hard water areas it is best to filter the water first.
•Boil the kettle.
•Add one heaped spoon of loose tea or one tea bag per person to the teapot. Making the tea directly in the mug saved time but can lead to an inferior quality of beverage.
•Pour the boiling water into the teapot. If it is not a thermal insulated teapot then remember to place a tea cosy over the pot to ensure that the heat is kept in while the tea is brewing.
•Allow to brew for between 3 and 5 minutes. The longer the tea is left to brew, the stronger it will be.
•Pour the tea into a cup.
•Add milk and sugar as desired and stir thoroughly.
•Sit back and enjoy the warmining drink of tea. A cup of tea is particularly good on a cold winter evening while watching a murder mystery show on the television
[youve gotta love it]

and as i leave you this is my last piece of advice:

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