Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mrs Heslop

First post of married life! it's taken a while, not because there has been a lack of inspiration (maybe because there has been to much...) mostly because we have been busy settling into our new life. Getting used to sharing a bed with a man who subconsciously takes pleasure in elbowing his wife in the back throughout the night, moving away from the life I have spent 12 years making in Cape Town, new people and new confusing places to drive around (i get lost regularly).

Every day I have a list of seemingly impossible tasks to get through, ranging from reversing out of our driveway to driving kilometers out of my comfort zone to have tea, and every time I get through a task I feel as if i've accomplished something monumental-it's the only way I'm getting through new, but scary, adventures. 

The greatest of these tasks is yet to come, in 3 weeks, when I clumsily make my way to UKZN for registration and then again for classes. It's terrifying and also really exciting to be starting work again.

In the meantime I have contented myself with learning how to cook (oh yes, wives do that!) and spending ridiculous amounts of time watching DVDs-most recent was Julie & Julia which has whetted my appetite for being able to cook really well- 
Thanks followers for being so patient x