Wednesday, February 16, 2011


[dear followers who have stuck around even though ive faded so often these past few days]

the weather is in its transition stage where its not entirely sure if it should be summer or autumn- the best season of the year- which provides a problem for dressing. but, that said, the past week has had some pretty amazing evenings. and nights. [i shouldknow, the earliest bedtime ive had this week was 1am]

in addition to late nights and early mornings my life has been filled with picnics, sunsets, letters, long conversations and longer goodbyes, tea, avenues at night, surprises, happy noises, new smells, pretty smells,

stars, chocolate eggs, hot chocolate, a failed probation day, things that have worked out in the end, awkward silences, happy sliences, pizza, sand in everything, admiration, dusk [and a general euphoric feeling]

i also pretty much owned valentines day when i made 2batches of red velvet cupcakes. without sounding too arrogant. theyre pretty much the best cupcakes ive ever tasted.

[a thought for the week]

yay* evening market time with C. come to me you amazing chocolate crepes.

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