Sunday, February 6, 2011

i have dreams of orca whales and owls

sunday night. have i ever mentioned how perfect sunday nights are? well tonight is perfect. iwish you could see the stars over here. beautiful.
[dear life: may i have her glasses? i want to be awesome like that]

this week has been full of tea, and crazy hot days[which bring out the sweat in people and just make it awkward],and princess movies, over-eating, under-eating, too little sleep, picnics in the forest, amazing cupcakes, happiness, beautiful nailpolish, the best chocolate cake i have ever tasted, secrets, a princess dress, hot rain, braais, love, a play at maynardville, dreaming, awkward conversations that turned out not to be that awkward at all, pizza, madagascar, hebrew, procrastination,
lemonade, guilt, laughter, perfume, butterflies, best friends, baking, mishaps, singing, the beach, new people, wonderful people, orca whales and owls.

so im going on camp tomorrow. cupcake monday post in advance. [irene lady. you are super amazing]

night children

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