Wednesday, December 22, 2010

no i have not fallen off the face of the earth

a short post to tell you that i am, in fact, alive and that my summer-which is not even half way yet- has been amazingly wonderful. filled with roadtrips and sunshine, singing to songs we dont know the words to, camping, 2nd hand clothes stores, challenges, salticrax, laughter, deep moments, love, new places, late night whisperings, getting lost, finding our way,

weddings, rain, happiness, relying on people, panic, driving, sugar to keep us awake, marshmallows and chocolate, secrets, sleeping in petrol stations, showering in basins,

early morning coke binges, toerings, camp, sadness, love, butterflies, heat, clouds, sickness, vanilla, bestfriends, worry, phonecalls, tans, new sandals, new friends, kisses, dancing, marcels and milkshakes, photos, love, God, singing and family.

[and ofcourse christmas baking*]

3 days to go x

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