Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hope* happiest of birthdays. It is a wonderful day to have a birthday. the rain is just amazing. [happy birthday cupcakes for you]

Im happy when i think that i know you and i will for the next 3 years.

[my favourite of your poems]
Where were you miss sunshine?
I love your yellow dress – i
Remember you told me about it,
About the harbour too– I missed (the harbour,
September and the ocean,
these strange things
Had me thinking of) you

I let you go miss sunshine
Yet I was left in wonder of your stare,
Then I needed you,
Just to share:
a word and your awkward voice
that made me tremble...
we meet again – will it be like last time
miss sunshine? (you warmed
my heart like a cheese muffin)…
I miss (you more than
Lilies in june or that little shadow in the corner
Of the room:
We together wait for you, miss) sunshine


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