Thursday, January 21, 2010

a strange week

dear blog i meant to write but i started college this week so

and even though its only 4 days into the year i feel like... sleeping beauty only awake. whatever. im just really tired and this picture looks really good :)

this is what i have been translating for the past 3 days:
en arch hn o logoV kai o logoV hn proV ton qeon kai qeoV hn o logoV
outoV hn en arch proV ton qeon
panta di autou egeneto kai cwriV autou egeneto oude en o gegonen
en autw zwh hn kai h zwh hn to fwV twn anqrwpwn
except in a different alphabet goodness
and! i havent forgotten the cupcakes :)

have a lovely thursday.
yay friday tomorrow*

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