Saturday, January 2, 2010

the first post

aah the new year is come :) and i have returned from far off lands (pictures to come)so life is good. i would also just like to note how completely amazing european men are* yes yes they are.

i found this on rasberry jam and maple syrup and i thought that it would be fun to post, so please post it too :)
i am currently watching breakfast at tiffanys
i keep a diary, every other day
i wish that i could read peoples minds
i love crunching through snow
i dance in the shower
i sing songs that no one else knows
i think shoes are the best pick-me-up
i really love apple pie
i need to shower every day
i should be sleeping
i can make a really good salad
i like to eat nutella from the jar
i make faces in photos
i always put my left sock on first

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