Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 Things I like about her

For my wonderful best friend of many years, maid of honor, sister in Christ on her birthday.


1. Her obscene love of chocolate (and the way she tries to convince me that she eats 3 slabs of chocolate a day and still looks like a super model).
2. The way she always smells like caramel and sweetness.
3. Her humility (she is SO beautiful and SO smart but doesn't seem to notice). 
4. The crazy sense of humor that comes out late at night after lots of sugar. 
5. How pretty she looks in Turquoise. 
6. The way she can fit everything into her handbag (and has everything you'd ever need in her handbag).
7. Her never ending optimism and encouragement about anything that I do (whether it's my writing, or my baking cupcakes that she KNOWS taste better when she bakes them). 
8. That I can not see her for months and months but when I see her again it feels like the months apart never happened.
9. The way that she writes, so descriptive and beautiful [you can check it out here:]. 
10. That she is one of the only people who, when I'm upset, gets as upset as I am and when I'm happy is as happy for me as I am.

Because she's lovely. Obviously. 

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