Sunday, March 13, 2011

light a way

cooler mornings, late sunrises, re-uniting with my winter clothes. iloveautumn.

I was up super early this morning to stand in the cold in my sleeping shorts and cheer for 2hours, for the people riding the capeargus today. yes i am a dedicated friend.
[flapjacks for breakfast]

[playing in my head right now]
The morning's here and we're still caught up in the night.
The sky was clear
And everything felt right
Our time is short but
I'm sure I'll see you soon.
We'll take another walk along the bridge and underneath the moon
thisweek a man joined my gym. he looks something between a hamster and a leprechaun. I have decided to call him fluffy. [you should see fluffy on the bike. insane i tell you.]

this was last sundays lunch/tea/indulgence. it looks harmless but really, i ate a third of it and then started dribbling chocolate. so i stopped.

[onemonth roses. you are lovely thankyou]

What a find, if I could I'd hit rewind
And replay all the moments
That I wished I could've called you mine.

saturday my 9yearold sister had her birthday party [party food. yesplease] and my mom made such amazing cupcakes. but then, the children destroyed them by licking all the icing off and leaving the cake. what the heck?
[a destroyed cupcake]

it was painful to watch. the moral of the story is teach your children to respect cupcakes and eat them properly. goodness.
have a happy sunday x

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