Wednesday, October 6, 2010

shes a problem to solve

maryjane* I wish i had enough words to say how happy you make me feel and just how special you are but i dont [so im giving you pictures instead]
[a blog cupcake- for your birthday*]

[the most beautiful, romantic thing you can think of, with fireworks]

[the truth]

[how,much of your life can be explained by gosssip girl]

[a clothing fairytale]


[the lips and the nails- im lying, actually everything in this photo reminds me of you]

[highheels, yes please]

[the mysteriousness of the moon]

[over-the-top nails, or just painted nails]

[oneday we shall go to tiffanys]


ihope you had a wonderful birthday. I love you very much
[your light is ultraviolet]

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