Saturday, September 4, 2010

another 'my favourite things' post

My favourite pictures from this week. Yesss, im on holiday* I feel so happy that I have two weeks to get through all the books I havent yet read, and I also have time to buy new ones :)This morning,at gym, I saw the man, from the other place and I tried to hide which was hard as I was the only other person there.

These holidays I want to:
1. actually do my assignments
2. start running again
3. see maryjane before she leaves*
4. bake. every other day
5. test all the chocolate milkshakes in the resturants I go to
6. see mybestfriend.
7. roadtrip out to M's house
8. buy wellies
9. visit the old biscuit mill
10. plan december
11. sleep in late :)

have a superamazinglysunny saturday

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