Monday, August 30, 2010

and I love the sugar

my favourite page in Glamour is the,
"Hey it's okay..." page. and it's just felt like one of those days,
so here are some of the best ones (or the ones I can relate to the most)
Hey it's okay to...
1. set three alarms in the morning and sleep through all of them
2. to go into a store you know you can't afford, but pretend you can
3. to refuse to wear string bikini bottoms for the fear that someone will pull them right off
4. to occasionally need to sing the alphabet in your head or count on your fingers
5. to be kind of afraid of whatever's in the kiddie pool
6. to insist on sending SMSses with the correct spelling and grammar. 'L8R' is not a word in the English dictionary!
7. to wear long pants to avoid shaving your legs
8. to not trust any man who wears cover up
9. to believe that a hot bath and a cup of tea can solve any problem
10. to sometimes quote movies to get your point across

night all x

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