Friday, March 19, 2010


super tired*

Today, I found out my father is getting married. They have been planning for 6 months and I found out only after receiving the invitation. To make matters worse, my aunt took an online class to marry them. They will be sitting on their mules during the ceremony, and the colors are camouflage. FML

Today, my physics teacher accidentally lit me on fire. FML

Today, I took my girlfriend of five and a half years to family dinner at a restaurant. After we all had finished dessert, I got down on one knee, pulled out my great grandmother's ring and proposed. The entire restaurant was dead silent. She looked around and then slowly walked out. FML

Today, I chose a cute tank top and some shorts to wear. Later, I was shopping at Target with my dad when he pointed to a girl in the same isle and said to me, "Don't ever dress like that. It looks cute on her, but you couldn't pull it off." She was wearing shorts and a tank top. FML

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